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My name is Vincent Nee and I started investing when I was 21 years old.

At the age of 21, I was broke and a constant absentee in classes as I did not like studying. I searched for other ways to make money and found a way through rent-to-rent. I rented a house from the owner and sub-rented out the rooms separately to increase my rental returns.

I started with zero, no money. But I had PTPTN allowance coming in every month, so I used it to invest in my first hostel. To do this, I had to renovate. I managed to borrow a credit card and RM10K in cash from my mother to invest in renovation. It was completed in a month and within 2 weeks, I already had tenants asking to move in.

From there, I realized that the model worked. So I duplicated the same strategy over and over again. I used RM50K to invest in my first hostel. From my profit, I used RM30K for the next investment, and RM10K for the next one, and so on.

At 25 years old, I got my 14th property! When I was in financial deficit, I knew that property investment could make me the money I needed. But I needed to learn how, so I used my credit card to attend all the courses I could find on Buying, Financing, and Renovation.

After learning all the skills and knowledge, I applied them in real life. Slowly, I put my creative ideas in and modified them into a comprehensive strategy plan for my property investments.

Today, I achieved my 41st property and am still counting!

Many people are eager to start something new, but not many can follow-up to create their own financial success. If you want to be different, then take this opportunity to sign up now!

Are You Facing These Challenges Right Now?

Challenge #1

Are you facing problems in renting your unit out FAST?

Challenge #2

Have you bought a property in the wrong location and realized it too late?

Challenge #3

Have you over-renovated your unit but failed to maximize rental returns?

Challenge #4

Are you paying thousands from your own paycheck because your rental doesn’t cover your installments?

Here is How You Can Overcome The Problems


Capitalize on the strategy that will give you positive cashflow EVERY month and high profits


Apply the tricks that will make your unit stand out and get it rented out immediately.


Identify the best locations that give high capital appreciation and the ideal target market.



Vincent Nee & Team Presents

Decoding The Property Game Seminar

Making money from property is very easy.

Does this sound too good to be true?

“Trust me once and I will show you how”

Vincent Nee

Here’s What You Will Take Away From Attending This Event

  • Take Away #1

    Discover how to stop bleeding from your income property

  • Take Away #2

    Learn how to rent out your property in creative ways and maximizing rental returns

  • Take Away #3

    Kickstart a healthy property with a steady stream of positive cashflow every month

As Featured In


Meet Vincent Nee

Vincent Nee is a property investor and he currently owns several businesses related to his investments. He has been investing from the young age of 23 and has owned close to 40 properties since then.

Today, he manages up to 700 rooms around Klang Valley and has successfully created RM50K passive income per month through his investments within 3 years. He wants to share his success with you and has since taken up his passion to coach and train people full-time.

He is also one of the youngest recipients to receive the Top 100 Most Influential Entrepreneur Award and has been featured in publications such as Property Insight, Pin Prestige, and iProperty.

In his words, “Do you want to make your millions in ten years?

Or do you want to make it in a year?

Why wait any longer?

Let Dr Property show you how!”

What You Will Get


You will take away all the strategies that Vincent applied to skyrocket his real estate business and investment. You will also be able to learn his secret formula to double and triple the rental income WHILE Avoiding losses!


You will get a copy of E-book on “5 Golden Locations For A Hike In Rental Yield That Investors Are Dying To Know” by Vincent Nee after you attended the workshop.

The Total Price Of The Workshop And Bonuses Are RM137

For Limited Time Only RM19!RM19!!RM19!!!

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  • You want to learn more from Vincent about how to stop bleeding and renovate your unit to perfection WITHOUT exceeding 8% of your total property value!
  • You want to be able to grow/expand your property investment business with step-by-step guidance from Vincent Nee!
  • You want to learn and apply advanced techniques and strategies in order to win your fortune in this property game!

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If you’re positively gearing your properties, it means you’re making money every single month because the rental income is greater than the expenses. Therefore, you will now be able to buy as many properties as you can afford, because each one actually INCREASES your cashflow.

Best of all, you don’t actually have to use your own money to buy these properties!

But first, invest in yourself. See where it brings you

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